Welcome to SWiG

Established in 2011, The Subsea Wireless Group (SWiG) is an international industry network promoting interoperability and interchangeability for subsea wireless communications (radio frequency, acoustic, free-space optic, inductive power, hybrid).  Currently, there is no implemented industry standard, which obstructs the deployment and implementation of such systems at scale.  Publication of open standards will facilitate interoperable wireless communications and interchangeable devices in the subsea domain, enabling the adoption of underwater wireless technologies in a variety of subsea applications. Standardization will also drive innovation and growth within this sector enabling more use cases to be realized.

We are pleased to announce the publication of the  SWiGacoustic standard.

The standard is available to all interested parties.

Members are required to log-in to access the SWiGacoustic standard. Non-members can purchase the standard by contacting us.

Click here to download the SWiG 101 abridged slide deck – An Introduction to Subsea Wireless Technologies, Acoustics, Radio & Free Space Optics