About Us

The Subsea Wireless Group (SWiG) is an oil and gas industry network managed by OTM since 2011.

The SWiG members are working together to define standards that facilitate interoperability between users subsea wireless technologies (acoustic, radio frequency, free space optics, etc). SWiG will engage with relevant standards bodies, encourage the integration of wireless technologies, and promote best practices across the industry. The overall objectives of the group are to:

  • Promote interoperability between users of through water communications
  • To raise industry awareness and acceptance of through water communications
  • Identify areas where standards need to be developed and develop them for the industry for through water communications
  • Encourage the integration of through water communication technologies
  • Promote best practices across the industry
  • Promote knowledge transfer across the industry

Working Groups

To raise industry awareness and acceptance of through-water communications and encourage integration of these technologies in the oil and gas community, SWiG operates member-established Working Groups. These include:

  • Technology Capabilities – Identify technology capabilities and support their development
  • Standards – To develop a family of standards that support full interoperability between hardwired and wireless systems subsea
  • Subsea Technology Needs – Identify end user technology requirements for subsea communications